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Gena is a Life & Executive Coach who inspires high-achieving professionals to

maximize their potential by cultivating a growth mindset and accessing their inner

wisdom and strengths. Earlier in her career, Gena had the privilege of serving the

Obama Administration during both terms as a right-hand to principals at the highest

levels of the Federal Government, which gave her in-depth experience in the art of

leadership. She then joined the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and served as

Counsel to the Director and head of the Executive Secretariat.

Gena moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to join a cleantech startup as General Counsel &

Chief of Staff to the CEO, and later launched an LA Chief of Staff peer group with 100+ members. The next year, in what would come to be appreciated as a midlife awakening, Gena left the startup to embark on an extended travel sabbatical, and enrolled in the Martha Beck Institute coach training program. The experience illuminated that Gena has always been a coach in spirit—whether inspiring team members to elevate their performance or serving as a confidante to leaders—and led her to launch Gena Chieco Coaching in 2019.

Gena’s passion is in serving as a guide for personal and professional transformations by empowering 
clients with tools for navigating change, facing fears with compassion, aligning with their inner 
compass, maximizing leadership potential, and finding purpose to boost energy, well-being, and 
sense of self. Gena also brings to her coaching practice a unique background comprising 15+ years 
of experience encompassing policy development, practicing law, operations, strategic planning, 
workforce development, recruiting, and strategic communications.

Outside of work, you can find Gena plotting travel adventures, gardening, running, creating, 
biking, writing, reading, enjoying community, and hiking her way through Los Angeles.
 Photos on this site are from travels in Oaxaca, Prague, Croatia, and Provence.


• BA with Honors in Psychology from Northwestern University
• JD from the University of Virginia School of Law


•  The Martha Beck Institute, 2018
•  Coaches Rising, Becoming a Transformative Presence, 2019
•  Internal Family Systems, 2020
•  Jonathan Fields Sparketype Assessment, 2022
•  Power of Embodied Transformation (Somatic Coaching), 2023
•  ICF PCC certification in process (1000+ coaching hours)

• Founders
• C-Suite
• VPs/SVPs
• Government officials
• Chiefs of Staff
• Lawyers
• NGOs & non-profit leaders
• Architects
• Artists

• Early, mid-, and late career 


• Leading authentically and effectively • Maximizing potential personally and professionally • Navigating change and liminal phases • Creating successful career strategies • Aligning with zone of genius • Setting meaningful goals and building lasting habits to reach them • Healing from burnout • Midlife awakenings • Tapping into deeper meaning and purpose • Embracing intuition and strengths • Boosting confidence and conquering impostor phenomenon • Getting unstuck and making better decisions • Facing fears with compassion •  Dreaming big  Facing 

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