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Coaching Services


Building upon several years of experience holding leadership positions and serving as a right-hand to senior executives, Gena helps you clarify and achieve goals, make better decisions, unlock your potential, and grow professionally. Gena employs a mix of coaching, mentoring, consulting, and advising, drawing upon expertise in HR, operations, team culture, and the law.


 Gena helps you overcome obstacles and create the results you desire in work and relationships. She serves as a trusted life Sherpa guiding you to clearly see your strengths and the answers that already lie within you. In this way, you will learn to follow your own bright constellation of wisdom and intuition. You will clear out the weeds on your path to illuminating your purpose. There is no better time than the present to begin to create the life you are meant to live.


Is Coaching for me?

Coaching can be helpful if you:

  • Are in the middle of or preparing for a big transition (starting a new job or business, contemplating a sabbatical, switching careers, facing the loss of a relationship or job, moving to a new city, etc.)

  • Yearn to make a major change in your life, but don’t know where to begin

  • Want to learn how to access your strengths and talents 

  • Sense there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be or that you are not living up to your full potential

  • Struggle to identify passions or have a feeling there is more to life, your profession, or your relationships

  • Believe you are at a great place yet want to maximize your potential and grow even more

  • Feel stuck or stagnant, or suffer from low energy or from a sense of apathy about your work or personal life

  • Have trouble making decisions or find yourself in other ruts

  • Crave better time management and prioritization skills


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

A. Just as you might hire a personal trainer to take your workouts to the next level, a coach will help you access your inner wisdom and strengths to excel personally and professionally. You will start taking more effective and focused actions immediately that create momentum, making it easier to see results; set better goals; align with your authentic self and inner voice; make decisions with less effort; and have more time and energy.

Q. What makes coaching so effective?
A.  Coaching provides a structure of support and accountability. When left to our own devices, we often start with good intentions, which typically get derailed before any actions are actually taken. Or we might suffer from fits and starts. A
coach helps you clear out the weeds blocking your path so that more is accomplished with less struggle. Gena serves as an objective, positive supporter and sounding board, helping you to rely upon your own inner wisdom and authentic self. By getting clearer on what you desire, decisions are made more easily, there is less churn, and your energy and outlook improve.

Q. I have a high EQ and have had enough therapy to understand the fundamental issues that drive my emotional tendencies; what can coaching add, if anything?

A. You are a perfect candidate! The fact that you have a baseline level of mental health knowledge and self awareness means you can use coaching for its intended purpose: Tapping into your authentic self and creating proactive steps to live the life you desire (rather than, say, trying to figure out why you’re so anxious or depressed!). Coaches don't focus on changing certain behaviors or "fixing" certain things, rather, we help you harness your overall strengths and abilities.

Q. What is the difference between coaching & therapy?

A.  While a therapist helps people resolve emotional issues to gain improved mental health, a coach works with people who are mentally healthy to help them achieve their full potential. This could include getting unstuck on a certain issue; becoming your best, happiest, and most fulfilled self; or improving your relationships, career, or business. A coach is more focused on the present and future to help you gain greater fulfillment in your current life, rather than analyzing how you got here to begin with.

Q. What is a coaching session generally like?

A.  Through strategic questions and exercises, coaching sessions will help you peel away layers to reveal what is holding you back and identify and break down these blocks or limiting beliefs. A coach will help you recognize your blind spots and look at things from a different perspective by acting as a supportive yet neutral sounding board. Essentially, a coach serves to amplify your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Q. I am curious about coaching, but I am not sure if I am ready to commit. What do you suggest?

A. Book a free introductory consultation to learn more about Gena and get a sense of whether coaching is a good fit for you!

About Gena

I am a Coach, adventurer, and connector who loves inspiring clients to step into their best lives by providing tools to help them tap into their inner wisdom and dreams. I grew up in a rural suburb of New York City running around barefoot in the summer, obsessed with nature, with dreams of becoming a zoologist.

After earning a BA with Honors in Psychology from Northwestern University and a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law, I had the privilege of working for the Obama Administration. I contributed to a variety of initiatives, including immigration reform at the Department of Homeland Security and environmental issues at the White House. I then served as Counsel and Executive Secretary to Richard Cordray, the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I left federal service in 2017 to serve as General Counsel & Chief of Staff to the CEO of a cleantech startup, marrying my passion for the environment and entrepreneurial spirit. I am a How I Built This junkie, and delighted in bringing organization to chaos, serving as connective tissue across departments, and leading internal process improvements.

The following year, while on an extended travel sabbatical (which I fondly refer to as my travbbatical), I began my coaching journey by enrolling in Dr. Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training Program. I realized that I have always been a coach in spirit – whether helping friends find jobs they love, encouraging team members to build upon their passions, or serving as a confidante to executives. I derive tremendous joy and purpose from helping clients access their strengths and full potential. Self-actualization has long been my “Why,” for I have recognized that life is short and aim to maximize potential in all that I do. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."

I am no stranger to resilience, having lived through more than one challenging life chapter followed by a phoenix rising experience, best captured by the Mizuta Masahide haiku, “Barn’s burnt down – Now I can see the moon.” It is often through crises and tests of character, which strip us to our essence, that we come to know that we are our own best foundation and greatest source of strength. Coaching also brings about this alignment with our authentic self. When we connect with our true self, our energy, outlook, sense of gratitude, and positivity light up.

When not immersing myself in anything and everything coaching-related, I am plotting my next travel adventure, exploring food scenes in my home city of Los Angeles, working out, reading, or creating. This site includes photos from my travels in Oaxaca, Prague, Slovenia, and Croatia. Check out @moonlight_musings_ for more.

I serve in proud partnership as a Leadership Coach for the following organizations:

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