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Provence Retreat 
May 25- June 1, 2025

Join Gena and a small group of eight diverse, intergenerational, and dynamic guests on a journey of personal metamorphosis in idyllic Hyères, located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France, for a transformative week of self-discovery, self-empowerment, restoration, and reclaiming joy. Retreats are incubators of radical growth, as there is a unique alchemy in a group of strangers coming together, an invitation and freedom to be our truest selves. There is also a profound magic in breaking free from routines and immersing ourselves in an idyllic location cocooned by nature. Hyères offers a breathtaking backdrop that delights the senses and nurtures the soul. You will leave radiating joi de vivre with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. 


Sign up by December 31, 2024 and receive a complimentary 1:1 coaching session with Gena.


With the Provençal cypress tree as our inspiration—green year-round, a symbol of eternal life, and reaching towards the stars—our theme will be restoring, reclaiming, and reigniting the evergreen source of spirit, crealivity, and aliveness within us.


During our enchanting week together, we will uncover the unique treasures buried within each of us to come fully alive and seed a vibrant vision for our future.


By exploring our true selves through introspection, deep connections, and joy-filled experiences in an intimate group of ten, while enjoving the beauty and wonders of Provence, we will tap into our inner cypress.


The Experience 

  • Daily workshops to restore, reclaim, and reignite our spirit, creativity, and sense of aliveness while forming deep connections

  • Daily excursions to explore Hyêres, including a Provençal cooking class, visit to local markets, hike along coves, and day trip to the sublime Porquerolles island

  • Homemade, delicious daily meals prepared with local produce, + cheese plates and wine

  • Relaxation and integration time

  • 7 nights of lodging in charming, authentic villas ensconced in nature with a private pool and views to the ocean

  • Intimate group of ten wonderful people from diverse backgrounds and geographies  

  • Memories and friendships to last a lifetime

  • Rates: €2950 for a private room with queen bed and shared bath; €3350 for a private room with queen bed and private bath; or €4500 for two people sharing a private room with twin beds and private bath, inclusive of all costs for the week (except flights & airport transfers)

  • Read about Gena's first annual Hyêres retreat here



Gena will lead daily workshops focused on the journey inward to embrace our true selves and shed that which no longer serves us, including journaling, breathwork, guided visualizations, and group reflections. Think of a warm hug, sunshine on your cheek, or floating in the ocean as the vision for how we will feel through these experiences. You will leave the retreat restored, aligned with your wildest dreams, more confident and purposeful, and emanating joie de vivre. The workshops will provide you with tools to continue to deepen your relationship to yourself and with others beyond the retreat. Our group of ten will be open-hearted, curious, kind, adventurous, authentic, and sensitive spirits looking to spark joy and fully immerse ourselves in all that this retreat has to offer.



The rest of the time will be spent relaxing and exploring the charming seaside town of Hyères through activities such as a cooking workshop to learn how to make special dishes from Provence; visiting Provençal markets to discover local specialties; taking the ferry to spend the day on Poquerolles, one of the Golden Isles; touring the medieval streets of the historic center of Hyères; and experiencing a sunset picnic dinner at the beach with flamingos and kite surfers in the background.

About Gena

I am a Life & Executive Coach who loves inspiring clients to step into their best lives. In my prior career as a lawyer, I had the privilege of serving the Obama Administration and then worked for an LA cleantech startup as General Counsel. In what I would later come to appreciate as a midlife awakening, I left the startup in 2018 for a travel sabbatical, simultaneously embarking on the greatest adventure, the inner journey home to my true self. I completed Martha Beck's coach training program and embraced that I have always been a coach in spirit. I derive tremendous joy and purpose in helping others access their full potential, and launched my coaching business in 2019. As a Founding LA Guide for CHIEF, with a thriving 1:1 coaching practice, I have extensive experience coaching and leading workshops (1000+ hours). I attended a transformative retreat at Simple Life in Provence in 2022 and led treats here in 2023 and 2024it is an absolute dream to return in 2025!

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Considered the original French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) while off of the beaten tourist path, Hyères sits on a peninsula between Marseille and Saint-Tropez, with a medieval old town, history as a mecca for artists, azure Mediterranean waters, and vibrant culture. Numerous writers and painters have come to find inspiration since the dawn of time, such as Edith Warton, Picasso, and Jean Cocteau, and you too will become a part of the rich tradition of visitors who are inspired by the magic that is Hyères. Late May falls within shoulder season and is the perfect time to visit, for there will be warm days, cooler nights, and a lack of crowds.

Our Hosts

The Michaud family, Maria (mother) and Mathieu (son), will be our hosts, chefs, and guides; their warmth, kindness, and hospitality will leave you feeling like a part of their family.


Maria's childhood revolved around art—the art of creating with your hands and heart, the art of living, the art of cooking, and the art of sharing ideas and delicious food. She has passed this reverence for art down to her children and imbues all retreats with this spirit as well.  


there are stars you haven't seen

and loves you haven't loved

there's light you haven't felt

and sunrises yet to dawn

there are dreams you haven't dreamt

and days you haven't lived

and nights you won't forget

and flowers yet to grow

and there is more to you

that you have yet to know.

- Gaby Comprés -

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