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Is Coaching for me?

Is Coaching Right for Me?

Coaching can be helpful if you:

  • Are in the middle of or preparing for a big transition (starting a new job or business, contemplating a sabbatical, switching careers, facing the loss of a relationship or job, moving to a new city, or entering a new phase of life)

  • Yearn to make a major change in your life, but don’t know where to begin

  • Want to learn how to access your strengths, talents, and deeper purpose 

  • Sense there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be or that you are not living up to your full potential

  • Struggle to identify passions or have a feeling there is more to life, your profession, or your relationships

  • Suffer from imposter phenomenon, an inner critic, or other things holding you back

  • Feel stuck or like a shell of your former self, or suffer from burnout or from a sense of apathy about your work or personal life

  • Have trouble making decisions or establishing better habits or find yourself in other ruts

  • Desire to get out of your own way and fulfill your dreams


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

A. Just as you might hire a personal trainer to take your workouts to the next level, a coach will help you access your inner wisdom and strengths to excel personally and professionally. You will start taking more effective and focused actions immediately that create momentum, making it easier to see results; set better goals; align with your authentic self and inner voice; make decisions with less effort; and have more time and energy.

Q. What makes coaching so effective?
A.  Coaching provides a structure of support and accountability. When left to our own devices, we often start with good intentions, which typically get derailed before any actions are actually taken. Or we might suffer from fits and starts. A
coach helps you clear out the weeds blocking your path so that more is accomplished with less struggle and allows you to hear your inner whispers. Gena serves as an objective, positive supporter and sounding board, helping you to rely upon your own inner wisdom and authentic self. By getting clearer on what you desire, decisions are made more easily, there is less churn, and your energy and outlook improve.

Q. I have a high EQ and have had enough therapy to understand the fundamental issues that drive my emotional tendencies; what can coaching add, if anything?

A. You are a perfect candidate for coaching! The fact that you have self awareness and an emotional vocabulary means you are in the optimal position to benefit from a coaching relationship. Coaching helps you integrate across mind+emotions to release thoughts and behaviors holding you back, tap into your true self aligned with your integrity and dreams, harness your EQ, and create proactive steps to live the life you desire.

Q. What is the difference between coaching & therapy?

A.  A therapist helps us understand with compassion deeper emotional blueprints and patterns, develop an emotional vocabulary, and heal emotional wounds and trauma to gain optimal mental health, emotional empowerment, and wellbeing. A focus in therapy involves excavating to the past to heal in the present. Coaching has some overlap in that it invites embracing and honoring the full spectrum of our emotions and understanding where deeper patterns may be getting in our way or keeping us stuck. Coaching tends to be more present and future focused and does not involve deep trauma work.

Q. What is a coaching session generally like?

A.  Through strategic questions and exercises, coaching sessions will help you peel away layers to reveal what is holding you back and identify and break down these blocks or limiting beliefs. Coaching will help you recognize your superpowers and unique genius, and look at things from a more objective perspective to tap into your gifts. Similar to journaling, meditating, or times when you are in a flow state, coaching is a space in which your strategic, rational, fear-based, cluttered mind can quiet so you can drop into your inner wisdom. Essentially, a coach serves to amplify your own intuition and allows you to see your true potential.

Q. I am curious about coaching, but I am not sure if I am ready to commit. What do you suggest?

A. Book a free introductory consultation to learn more about Gena and get a sense of whether coaching is a good fit for you!

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