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Workshops & Offsite Retreats

Gena serves as a trusted facilitator and guide for groups and teams looking to form deeper connections, elevate leadership skills, boost morale, gain clarity, set goals, and enhance self-awareness through workshops or half- or full-day retreats.


Through skillful guidance, open dialogue, and intuitive and inclusive facilitation, Gena creates a safe and dynamic environment in which participants explore ideas, challenge assumptions, share truths, build new perspectives, surface that which is holding them back, unlock their full potential, and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and growth.

The healing power of showing up as our authentic selves and being seen by the compassionate eyes of others cannot be overstated, for it illuminates new facets of our selves and enables us to embrace the full spectrum of who we are. This is the power of workshops—sharing in life's hardships and triumphs, reaffirming our collective humanity, and offering solace, inspiration, and the courage to pursue our goals and aspirations, overcome obstacles, unlock our full potential, and seize joy. Retreats are catalysts for growth for they allow us to break free from our routines and invite new perspectives and ways of being as a kind of incubator for transformation.


Sample Workshop Topics

  • Moving from Inner Critic and Imposter Phenomenon to Inner Guide

  • Giving and Receiving Candid and Effective Feedback

  • Unique Genius

  • Moving from Burnout to Thriving

  • Building Better Boundaries 

  • End of Year Reflections and New Year Intentions

  • Elizabeth Liz Gilbert writing experience based on Big Magic to embrace creativity, face fear with compassion, and boost enchantment

  • Identifying and Honoring Values

  • Developing Compelling Personal Brand Statements (or Pitches)

  • Introductin to Conscious Leadership Group frameworks

  • The Power of Enneagram in Leadership

  • Cultivating a Wellness Wheel of Life

Meet Gena

One of my greatest passions is leading workshops and retreats, for there is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing a group coming together, forming deeper bonds, and catalyzing profound and lasting transformation.

My workshops and retreats are informed by over 500 hours of group coaching for CHIEF as a Founding Guide, ongoing workshops I faciliate for the Ask A Chief of Staff community, and my annual Restore, Reclaim, Reignite Provence retreat, along with experiences leading an Innovators Summit Women's Retreat and a YPO Forum retreat, and workshops for SupplyFrame, Inc.'s Women in Electronics Group and the Blockchain Association Women's Group. I also have a thriving private practice in which I coach clients 1:1. With over 1000 hours of coaching experience, I am currently completing my ICF PCC certification. 

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Image: Prague, 2018 Travel Sabbatical

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